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From: Kevinmjoaol.com
Subject: Farm Family 5All rights reserved by author. You must be of legal age to read or please
move on. Contains Male on Male unprotected sex. Do be safe at all times.
This is not a true story. Meet with the Author Kevin Kelly Second Sunday
of each month at " Uncle's" a Gay bar in Philadelphia, Pa. locust and
Comac sts. between 12th and 13th on Locust. 2 to 4 PM. Talk enjoy.
write Kevinmjoaol.com just stop on by ask for Kev. Aat one point in the night I had gotten up and went to lay
alone in Eric's bed. Before falling back off to sleep I looked over at My
two stud Brothers laying naked arms around each other. Their Blonde heads
touching in their sleep. I feel soundly asleep knowing loli sick child room what was to come
in the morning. It was by the light in the window just at pre-dawn? I
felt the small bed moving and creaking as if somebody else was getting
in. Groggily I tried to turn my head see who was getting in behind me?
suddenly there was a face on my cheek holding my face down and turned
into the pillow. Then the full weight of a male naked body coming down on
my own? First I feet the bare feet on mine then the legs then the
hardness of who ever it was manhood His cock laying perfectly in the
whole crack of my ass. An arm a powerful arm had now slipped under me
holding my chest feeling me while the mouth now was kissing my cheek as
the cock came to life humping on my crack. I couldn't help but chuckle to
myself thinking " Here I am the uncontested Whore Master of My high
School now the object of a male Male on Male rape" A willing and wanting
one at that I mused." who is it? I half pleaded while pushing my ass back on the steel hard
cock now so sexily humping on me. More kisses from my secret rapist. Now
He was lifting His midsection and with one hand guiding that steel hard
cock to my hole. I felt enormous pressure as the wide thick bare cock
head now invaded my body. No lube not even spit to ease the way. But I
made no protest and took the pain underage bbs lolita knowing my cute little lolita well now the pleasures of a
cock up my male pussy." OH Yes" I softly moaned as More of that thick Man's tool came into me.
This was what i wanted now i was now made over to be a male slut pussy
Boy to my Brothers and loved me new role in life taking and wanting more
of the steel hard dick. The man's hairy balls now rested on Me all his
big cock firmly up inside of me. We lay perfectly still only His breath
and the sound of it in the other wise still room. In my ear my rapist
whispered " I am going to fuck you now Kevin be quite while i fuck this
tight pussy." His feet wombats lolitas bbs pics signaled the beginning as they pressed against
mine and he now my cute little lolita slowly was withdrawing his monster cock nearly all out my
young pussy lips pulling back wards with his cock withdrawal. Then he
slowly was pushing it all back into me again my pussy lips now pushing in
ward wrapped tightly around the thick bare skinned cock. He repeated this
slowly each time in and out and each move thrilled my whole body. Each
touch of His cock head as it was deep up inside my love tunnel. The hairs
on his masculine muscular legs scraping against my own with each movement
of that monster bare cock in and out of me hole. I was breathing so hard
and pushing back on His cock wanted more of whom ever was fucking me.
While I was loving this fuck I looked over at the other bed seeing in the
dim light of dawn that it contained only one Brother I couldn't tell
which seeing only the back of His head. Now my rapist was picking up His
tempo. Really lifting his body high as he withdrew from my pussy. Then
slamming his whole body with a thunderous roar as his monster bare
skinned cock plunge deeper into me. Pounding my prostate with each manly
hard thrust of bare skinned cock into my new Boy pussy. The sounds of Our
bodies slamming hard against each other during Our wild lustful fuck was
causing the other Brother to wake. He turned now and i saw the sweet face
of Eric and the surprised look on his face at the sight of His two older
Brothers fucking next to him. He was getting up now from his slumber and
i saw with delight he Eric was hard and a smile on His cock he nodded to
me and without words I knew He would soon be on me doing as Jed was doing
fucking me." Holy God Dam" Jed screamed out. " I am getting my nut Bro. Yea OH fuck
Yea Kevin Here it comes Boy more of my juice up your tight pussy hole."" Oh God Yes Jed Please give it to me Jed give my your morning load of
cum Bro."His cock and his strong body were moving every which way in me. Side ways
in out again now the other side. And His big 11 inch cock twitching like
mad as it now was filling me with a tremendous load of His Irish Farm
cream load. He collapsed his strong chest against me bare back and kissed
me on the neck thanking me for allowing him to fuck me. My head was still
turned towards Eric and my pics of young lolitas handsome young blonde Brother now stood up to
his full height of 6 feet hard cock in hand and this sexy smile on his
face. " You ready for round two Kevin? My stretched rose Bud pussy
thrilled yet again as Jed was slowly pulling out all his long 11 inches
from me. And Now Eric the handsome 18 year old needed my service. I
didn't move a muscle. Laid there waiting feeling Jed's cum dripping from
my well fucked pussy waiting for Eric to plunge his bare skinned cock
into my cum soaked hole and thrill me even more with his teen fucking.
Eric was trough now like He had never dared to be before. he
grabbed me with strong hands turning me on my back and forced my legs up
on my shoulders now between my legs i looked up to his handsome face with
all the lust in his teen eyes and felt his teenaged cock head on my wet
pussy as he now was sliding his bare cock into my hole and I moaned along
with him in the mutual pleasure our fucking was giving us. Arm Boys are
the strongest and most aggressive in the morning when they need the
strength. Eric at 18 was pulling on all those years of Farm work and
plowing my pussy with gusto and force which only a Farm Boy cock could
ever call on. That thick big 8 inch prick was slipping and sliding into
my cum soaked pussy and we both were moaning and smiling at each other as
We fucked. All while Jed looked on His cock getting hard again At the
sexy sight of me being fucked. Without ever touching my pics of young lolitas lolitas erotic stories bbs
dick I was
shooting up string after string of My cum load and Jed was down eating my
cum from me as Now Eric was creaming in my pussy lol young model nude adding his own load to
Jed's The look on His handsome teen face as he came in my Boy pussy was
warming my heart." At lunch time today Kevin You get to fuck the two of us" Jed was saying
then turning to Eric who was now standing up He added ' That right Eric?" Eric flashed me that irresistible smile of His looking even more sexy
and placed both hand on his young ass spreading his ass cheeks saying "
Fuck Yea I want both You stud's fucking this tight hot ass up in the barn
at lunch time."We three quickly dressed for the morning chores and headed down stairs.
On the Farm You never showered until after the morning chores.
We walked into the kitchen and there sat Dad with some stranger? The
stranger a man in His 40's stood up as We walked in with a big smile on
his face. He was dressed like a Farmer for sure but somehow looked like
an Actor. He was just to well groomed and manicured with the perfect hair
cut and all to really be a Farmer? Dad got up and was getting Us our
coffee saying.]" Boys this here is Mr. Williams from the State Farm school. He teaches
there and He is going to be running the place while we are gone. He'll be
living here looking after the house and all while we are on our trip."We all shook hands with the stranger while Dad laid our coffee on the
table. Coffee served Dad sat back down and began.Mr Williams is going to be calling Us twice a day while we are gone
filling Us in on the progress of the building and all that stuff. He
bought four students with him today and they are out there doing the
chores with the live stock for You today. So You boys can eat take your
time and get dressed up in Your Sunday best for the selling and pick ups
today. Now We leave in three days time for our tour. Mr. Williams will be
moving in with Us today so We need to put him up. I guess its only air I
offer my larger room with the private bath. That is if You don't mind
sharing a big bed with me Mr. Williams for a few days time? Mr. Williams put down his coffee now and said. " No not at all
Hunk ( Dad's name) and please guy's call me Frank. After all I'll be
working for You. I've got the summer off from the school so this is
perfect and I really think that what You guy's are doing building a Gay
retreat and all is most commendable. In fact I am sure I will be a guest
at your Hotel myself once it is up and running?I was shocked at that statement? Maybe he didn't know the nature of the
Hotel? Didn't know it was to be a Gay dude Ranch? I spoke up with." Ah Frank maybe you don't know it but its a Gay dude Ranch we are going
to open up?Frank laughed and said. " OH I know that. Your Dad here filled me in on
all the details and again I think its wonderful. And yes I am Gay. So
I'll be right at home."Eric was wide eyed as He blurted out with. " But Dad You just said You
two would be sharing a bed for a few days and Ah Frank here is Gay.
That's OK with You Dad? Dad laughed and said " Yep I've got no problem at all with that. As
long as he don't snore all night, If He does then its the sofa for Him."Jed was pointing at Frank and just saying. " Cary, Cary"Frank looked at Him puzzled saying " No my name is Frank"Jed " Oh I know that but dam Frank You look like that actor Cary Grant.
Now don't he look like Cary Grant?We were all taking a second look and all agreed even Dad that Frank was a
copy of Cary Grant. The knock came to the door and it was Frank who got
up to answer. A young teenager maybe 18 no more was there saying. "
chores all done Sir and there are three pick up trucks out front with
customers."We all headed to the front door excited about the sale. I kept thinking "
Dad is willing to sleep with a man he knows is Gay?Write kevinmjoaol.com with comments and ideas. No Flames are answered or
wanted. Give You age for legal reasons and a photo of the Author will be
read opening for instructions on meeting in person with the Author. Check
out my other stories in Nifty.org by going to authors and scrolling down
to Kevin. Please do support top 50 lolitas bbs
Nifty and keep this wonderful site going.
Kevin Kelly
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